Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries works with THACO INDUSTRIES

On September 24, more than 80 delegates and members of the Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries (VASI), led by Mr. Phan Dang Tuat – Chairman of the Association, visited and worked with THACO INDUSTRIES. Welcoming the delegation was Mr. Do Minh Tam – General Director of THACO INDUSTRIES cum Vice Chairman of VASI.

Hiệp hội VASI đến thăm và làm việc với THACO INDUSTRIES


VASI members expressed their admiration and special impression at THACO INDUSTRIES’ production scale, management methods and development speed. Mr. Phan Dang Tuat said that THACO INDUSTRIES is currently “the leading bird” in the field of supporting industries in Vietnam thanks to its pioneering in building an industrial ecosystem, and having experience in cooperation with FDI enterprises and enterprises. Besides, it has been a member of many major trade associations such as Amcham, Eurocham, GBA, VAMI…

Ông Phan Đăng Tuất - Chủ tịch Hiệp hội VASI phát biểu tại buổi làm việc

Mr. Phan Dang Tuat – President of VASI spoke at the event.

VASI President emphasized: “Hopefully, with its capacity and position, THACO INDUSTRIES will have a way of thinking and doing to strengthen the connection with VASI and create many development opportunities for small and medium enterprises. This enhances the competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises in the context of industrialization and modernization of the country and global integration.

On behalf of THACO INDUSTRIES, Mr. Do Minh Tam expressed his pleasure in welcoming the VASI delegation to visit and work. He said: “The corporation has many plans to cooperate with businesses in the form of joint ventures and corporations. For small and medium enterprises, THACO INDUSTRIES will support machinery, technology, one or several production stages and advise on lean production management methods to improve productivity and optimize operating costs.”

Tổng giám đốc THACO INDUSTRIES kiêm Phó Chủ tịch VASI chia sẻ tại buổi làm việc

General Director of THACO INDUSTRIES cum Vice Chairman of VASI spoke at the event.

In addition, to expand cooperation opportunities between THACO INDUSTRIES and VASI members, in the coming time, the two sides will discuss specifically about the capabilities of businesses and the needs of THACO INDUSTRIES through a forum.




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