48’ Gooseneck 3 axles, 6 twist locks Semi-trailer

The requirements of customers
Semi-trailers carry containers with a payload of up to 32 tons.


Overall Dimension mm 14.830 x 2.500 x 1.680
Wheelbase mm 8.655 + 1.310 + 1.310
Kerb mass kg 5.900
Authorized payload kg 32.490
Authorized total mass kg 38.390
Main beam Dimension (mm) Welded beam 455/146
Material Steel Q345B
Axle FUWA 13 tons
King pin 2” (Ø50), bolt
Landing gear FUWA 28 tons
Suspension System Spring hanger Mechanical Suspension – Fuwa
Leaf spring 7 leaf spring (Korea)
Control Valve Wabco
Brake System Locked on 3 axles
Electrical System 10-30V
Tire Specs Tire size 11R22.5/12R22.5
Branch Double Coin
Painting Shot blasting, ED coating, 2 layers of topcoat
Paint Color

(by request of customer)

Green, orange, yellow

Semi-trailers are manufactured on a closed line, invested in modern technology. Main beams are made from official imported steel from high quality steel plate manufacturers such as MAANSSHAN steel, POSCO,… with full Mill test quality certificates, CO, CQ origin. The details of each SMRM are cut by laser cutting technology with high precision, aesthetic cuts. It is then assembled into clusters on an optimized and highly automated production line. The product after welding is completed, will be transferred to blasting to clean the metal surface with a surface quality not lower than SA-2.5. The product is powder coated (Dip ED) then painted in a color finish with a coating warranty of up to 7 years.

1. Is your business a trading or manufacturing company?

We are a manufacturer in mechanics and supporting industries with the largest scale in Vietnam.

2. Does your company export?

Yes. Our company has exported products to countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, Korea, Japan, Finland, UAE, Poland, Malaysia...

3. What is your company's payment terms?

We will have a contract. There will be specific terms and regulations on your order's method, time, and payment documents. For export, we use T/T or L/C payment method.

4. How long does it take to complete an order of your company?

With products that are already available, the completion time is short. If you have drawings, we need to research and design them,… so the completion time may be longer.

5. Can we get some samples before mass production?

Customers can always refer to sample products. When they are satisfied, we will proceed to mass production as required.

6. What is your shipping policy?

We provide full logistics services from transportation, customs declaration, export documents, and customs clearance; besides, we strictly control the shipping process to help limit costs incurred and ensure timely delivery.
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