Mechanical processing

THACO INDUSTRIES is proud to be the leader in production scale and modern machinery in the field of mechanical processing & heavy structures. With the ability to produce and process large quantities, the company has provided many products to serve a variety of fields such as construction, industry, and agriculture, meeting customers’ strict standards.
Type of products

Metal raw materials

The company supplies and processes products, such as steel tube, box steel tube, structural steel (H, I, L), steel coil, steel & non-ferrous metal sheets,... serving a variety of fields and customer's demands.

Mechanical processing products

THACO INDUSTRIES can process large quantities with high precision and aesthetics, meeting partners' standards with various products such as industrial and agricultural equipment parts, metal forming products, chassis frames and components, dump boxes, fuel tanks, seat frames...
Khuôn mẫu


THACO INDUSTRIES has manufactured and supplied various molds: cold stamping molds; injection molds (plastic pallet molds, car bumper molds,…). Besides, we are developing other products such as PU Foam mold, heat press mold,...
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