Industrial equipment and agricultural equipment

THACO INDUSTRIES builds automated solutions and optimises production to suit unique customers’ demands. We have provided many types of machinery such as production lines, conveyors, and jig systems for producing automobiles & motorcycles; mining equipment and automatic lines for trade and convention centers; equipment for farming and ranching and fruit processing…
Type of products
Cẩu trục

Heavy steel structure

We supply, construct and install construction works and heavy structural equipment serving the lifting such as steel pile pipes, rubber-tired gantry (RTG), gantry cranes, crane bases, single crane gantries, double crane gantries... Besides, we provide equipment for automobile manufacturing (jigs, EMS hangers, assembly lines, etc.) and equipment for mining (ventilation fan systems, exhaust systems, sound reduction devices, etc.)

Agricultural equipment

THACO INDUSTRIES produces ranching equipment (silo, cattle feed spreading vehicle...) and farming equipment (pumping and drip irrigation system, rotavator, pulley block system, mixer machine, seed planting equipment, lawn mining equipment...). Besides, we provide manufacturing and processing lines, such as fruits and vegetables, slaughtering and processing lines, folder processing lines…

Civil equipment

THACO INDUSTRIES produces equipment for commerce and service, such as automated guided vehicles, smart warehouses, sales lines, stairs, lifters, multi-directional robots, and electric vehicle charging stations… Besides, we provide treadmills, mascots,...
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